2011 World Throws Center Front Page Video Contest

The success of the World Throws Center Photo Contest and all of the great submissions (You can see the winners thus far here.) has not gone unnoticed at the WTC.  In fact, we love the pictures so much we have decided on two things:

1.  We have reconstructed our website to showcase throwing and training photography even more.  I love delivering dramatic visuals for our visitors to enjoy, and I feel the new format will be the best way to both convey information and provide an ever-growing visual library for visitors to enjoy.

2.  With the reconstruction we are also expanding our scope to bring video into prominence on the website.  We want to provide the same platform of expression throwers across the country have enjoyed with our Photo Contest, but in the most creative of visual media - film making.  Luckily, today all that is required to make a good film is a video camera, an editing software (like iMovie) and YouTube.  We are ready to take submissions at our dedicated email address:



Rules are few and simple:

1.  Genre - Throwing, training and track-based videos

2.  Submission shall be via YouTube Link.  Please e-mail the YouTube link to the video you have uploaded to:


3.  If you don't have or make videos/films but you have some favorites by others on YouTube you can submit links to these videos as well.

4.  Winners will be prominently displayed on the www.worldthrowscenter.com for the throwing world to see.

5.  Be creative!

6.  Have fun.


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