John Godina

Owner, Head Coach - Shot Put Specialist, Discus Specialist, Strength Specialist

John Godina is four-time World Champion in the Shot Put as well as having a Discus Throw Personal Best of 69.91 meters (229'2"). After retiring from competition in February of 2009, he expanded his already established training facility into what is today the World Throws Center. He has worked with dozens of athletes over his 15 years as a professional in the sport to help them improve their strength and skill levels. Nine out of ten athletes John has worked with have had personal bests while under his tutelage.

John's vision of a training home for throwers has been realized in the World Throws Center. His relentless drive to improve the environment for an historically under-appreciated group of athletes has resulted in what is quite possibly the only privately owned Olympic training center on earth. As was his original goal, the World Throws Center is a self-sustaining entity designed to stand the test of time - immune to the political winds of change that other training locations and environments are susceptible to.


  1. Angela says:

    This is so wonderful. I spent my HS career (1990s) as a shot put thrower just guessing on my technique. I ended up in the top 25% of the throwers in my state and spent 2 years throwing in college. Unfortunately, I never had a coach who specialized in throwing. My HS coaches told us to "go throw" and we didn't have a lot of direction. My college coach was a long-distance runner who went to a throws coach clinic. She completely changed my technique in college, and perhaps she was right, but, I never was able to meet her expectations and never threw as well as I had in high school.

    I have hopes of competing in shot put again one day, even if it's just at all comers meets.

    I hope you get some girls and women at your camps!

  2. JohnGodina says:


    We do get lots of girls at our clinics and camps! I hope that we can get you to one of the events as an athlete and coach someday as well. Our events always have coaches and masters athletes participating. If you are interested, I have actually just received an e-mail from a masters athlete who wants to attend or Sacramento four day camp and room with another masters athlete. Let m know if you want to have a fun week of throwing!

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